Monday, December 28, 2009

Welcome to the Historical Watchdog Blog

Kia ora!

Welcome to the archives of Foreign Control Watchdog. Watchdog is the publication of the Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa The publication has been in print since 1974 and continues today. And now for the first time all issues are available electronically.

To view each issue, click on the 'click here' link and that will take you through to the pdf document hosted on another site.

The word search function works for issues after 1978.

I hope that you enjoy reading through these. They are a very valuable picture of Foreign Contol in New Zealand over the last 35 years and the activism of CAFCA (CAFCINZ) over the years too.

If you would like to join CAFCA and receive hard copies of future publications please email Murray Horton on

Visit the Watchdog website to see the Watchdogs from 1999 onwards

It takes a lot of work to compile and write the material presented on these pages - if you value the information, please send a donation to CAFCA PO Box 2258 Christchurch, New Zealand to help us continue the work.